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Image of Pneumata - PlayStation 5

Pneumata - PlayStation 5

Pneumata - Prepare to question what is reality, and what is insanity in one of the scariest psychological horrors in years. The tenants are going missing, screams echo and blood seeps through the walls of Clover Hill. As a detective, unravel the truth that lays within and recover your fragmented memories, or succumb to the horrors that ...

PERP GAMES5061005780903

Price: £31.85 from ShopTo.Net

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Pneumata - PlayStation 5 £31.85 Visit Store

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Image of Hubris - PlayStation 5

Hubris - PlayStation 5

Hubris  - Take on the mantle of an unseasoned recruit with the task of finding a high-profile agent that went missing on a strange and highly inhospitable alien planet. Immerse yourself in one of the most visually stunning games on PSVR2, beautifully...

Image of Mixture - PlayStation 5

Mixture - PlayStation 5

Mixture is a fantasy action-adventure in which two enemies in an alliance of necessity traverse barren worlds in a quest for redemption. In this dual character control game, you alternate between playing as the master alchemist Sephairos and exiled...

Image of Happyfunland PSVR2 - PlayStation 5

Happyfunland PSVR2 - PlayStation 5

Happyfunland PSVR2 -  Explore the abandoned remains and Uncover the dark secrets of Mort Grisly's Happyfunland theme park, Home of Randy Rodent! A darkly comedic VR horror experience where the fun never dies! You had never heard of Happyfunland...

Image of Vertigo 2 PSVR2 - PlayStation 5

Vertigo 2 PSVR2 - PlayStation 5

Vertigo 2 is a single-player adventure built from the ground up for VR.Deep underground in the reaches of Quantum Reactor VII, you awake to finish your journey home. You’ll have to face bizarre alien flora and fauna leaking from other universes...

Image of Crossfire Sierra Squad - PlayStation 5

Crossfire Sierra Squad - PlayStation 5

Crossfire Sierra Squad - Enter the world of Crossfire in VR and feel the impact of this arcade shooter!When you drop into the action, you’ll experience the high-quality characters, maps, weapons and gameplay that Crossfire fans have become...

Image of MADiSON VR PSVR2 - PlayStation 5 + Poster + Notebook + Digital Content

MADiSON VR PSVR2 - PlayStation 5 + Poster + Notebook + Digital Content

MADiSON VR now plunges you even deeper into its immersive and terrifying world. With the utilization of an instant camera in your virtual hands, bridge the gap between our world and the unknown. Snap photos, develop them by yourself to solve puzzles,...

Image of Do Not Open

Do Not Open

A disturbing survival horror, influenced by escape room mechanics.Inspired by true events, award Winning Do Not Open is a tragic story about one man’s battle to retain sanity and fight to shut out the voices in his head. Read more below... ...