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Image of XP-Pen Note Plus

XP-Pen Note Plus

The XP-Pen Note Plus is an efficient upgrade to the good old paper notebook. This A5 smart notepad allows you to sketch, synchronise, store and share your work with others. Whether it is organising your notes in a smarter way, digitalising your handwriting, or wanting a device to sketch on-the-go with, the XP-Pen Note Plus is the device for you. With the extremely portable size you can take it anywhere. It also allows you to share your notes with work colleagues and can come in handy during lectures and other university/research work. You can use general A5 size note paper to write and draw on with the provided battery-free stylus. You have the freedom to adjust the style, thickness, and colour [Read more...]

Price: £89.00 from Wex Photo Video

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